Beautiful weather, lazy days and lots on!

So much has been going on in February and there is a lot more coming up, over the next month, in Bright. Plus the weather here continues to be spectacular. We are getting beautiful warm days with slightly cooler evenings - perfect for a visit if you have the time! 😎

We have just had the Paragliding World Championships in Bright – the skies have been spectacular with all the paragliders flying around.

This weekend (2 - 4 March) we have the Mountain Bike Australia Downhill National Championships. And if you have ever been interested in Brewing your own beer, this might be something that may interest you. You get to be a Brewer for a Day, with a hands-on role brewing one of Bright Brewery’s Mountain Crafted beers. It’s perfect for the beer lover and at the end of the day you get to taste (guess what?) yes, they walk you through a tasting board of all their beers on tap at the brewery bar. You might have missed the March one (2 March), but they are holding one each month until June. If you want more info, go to Bright Brewery. Over the March long weekend (9-11 March), we have the Brighter Days festival. This event is growing bigger and bigger every year. This is a free event, with bikes, cars, live music and lots of family fun. This is a fund raiser for two children’s charities. Want to know more go to Brighter Days. And at the end of March we have Easter (Yay! Another long weekend), the weather should still be warm (we are hoping) and the leaves will be starting to turn, so perhaps some extra colour! Plus over Easter the big Rotary market is on. All this and Autumn has only just begun… Don’t forget to take time out of your busy schedule to get out of your regular life and relax. And from experience, we know that if you don’t plan it, it won’t happen. So why not take the time to organise some time away, we'd love to see you here at Bright Pine Valley.

Do it and you will feel refreshed, energised and ready to go again!

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