Bright and surrounds...waterfalls and walks

It’s all still very green here in Bright and the weather is in the mid 30's, with nice cool mornings, so a perfect time to visit.

So, what can you do in Bright and surrounds at this time of year?

If you don’t mind a little bit of walking (and perhaps a swim) the waterfalls at Mt Buffalo are definitely worth a visit.

Ladies Bath Falls is one of the loveliest spots.

This is only a very short walk - just 400 meters from where you park your car. It's perfect for a dip on a warm day or you can just sit by the waterfall and relax.

If you want to continue, the track takes you to Lower Eurobin Falls. You can continue on a slightly steeper track that takes you to the base of the Upper Falls, here you can have a picnic and spend some time enjoying the falls. This is approx. a 1.5 km return walk.

Pic thanks to Instagram photographer @youngadventuress Rollasons Falls is another very picturesque place to visit. This is a longer walk, and is quite steep in places, but is worth the trek. It is around a 4 km return track and there are both upper and lower viewing points of the falls.

You can also take a dip, but beware the temperature of the water will make your skin tingle because it’s so cold! For more info see The Hiking Society.

If you feel like a day over at Mt Beauty, why not do the Gorge walk. It is well sign posted, however, you will have to get wet to complete the walk as wading across the river and climbing over rocks at times is required. You can get more info here. Or you can just take some time out and enjoy life around the pool at Bright Pine Valley. Perfect!

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