Cycling in Bright - so many choices!

Whether you are into riding the rail trail with the family, mad keen on mountain biking or love the road riding, Bright has it! You can even elect to make it a leisurely day and go by electric bike!

You can get heaps of info on the rail trails, mountain bike tracks and road cycling destinations before you even visit. One of the best sites for this is Ride High Country. Rail Trails: The Murray to Mountain Rail trail is the one you are looking for when it comes to Bright. You can also find out what other trails there are, plus what are family friendly, shorter on longer rides and more. Mountain Biking: Now this does require a bit more energy and skill. Most of the Bright MTB trails are intermediate level, but there are a few beginner ones also - you can find out what level they are listed as before you start. The Mystic’s Hero Trail (not for beginners) is one of the most popular, then there is the Pump Track or the Play Ground for beginners, but don’t despair, this will still get your heart moving!

There is also a shuttle bus that can take you to the start of the ride. Road Rides: If you enjoy the hard work of riding up a mountain (not me – give me an electric bike any day) then there are multiple organised rides through the year, or mapped out rides, again rated from beginner to intermediate, which you can find here. Electric Bikes: Last but not least, if you are after a lazy day where you can take in the scenery and not have to work too hard peddling, then why not take a look at Bright Electric Bikes, plus they have tours available, so you get to see the country side, have a glass of wine (just one or you might not get home) and a bite to eat. Plus don’t forget, here at Bright Pine Valley, we have a lockup storage area for your bikes. So there you have it, so much cycling to be done in Bright and it doesn't matter how old or young you are, you can do it!

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